Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yo tengo un buchisapa (Boo-chee-sawpa)

Last week, Landon's heading on his email said this (see above). He bet that we could NOT translate what it said, and he was right. I put it through a couple of different translators, and no luck. It is actually some jungle "slang", a modified version of Quechua (Ket-chu-wa).

Landon Walker, a former Peru Lima North missionary came in my office a few days ago, and I asked him if HE knew what it said. He translated it immediately - "I have a POT BELLY". I told OUR Landon in this last email, that we knew what it meant, and this is what he had to say:

"I'm getting pretty chubby here in the mission, but it's just the jungle. The food here is heavy, like fried bananas, haha, yes they are good by the way... and just fried everything. But I will lose my gut before I come home, don't worry Kacey hahahahaha."


gabo said...

Buchisapa means "pretty chubby", it's quechua from the jungle, we have 6 different kinds of quechua over here (Perú).

gabo said...

Landon está volviéndose buchisapa jejejeje, Kacey no te preocupes que cuando regrese a Los estados Unidos él volverá a ser flaco jejeje(spanish/español)
Landon's getting pretty chubby hehehe, but don't worry Kacey when he goes back to USA he'll be thin hehehe!
Landon se está voltando buchisapa jajaja, Kacey não se tem que preocupar que quando ele volte aos Estados Unidos ele voltará a ser magro jajaja (portugues/portugês)