Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Landon !

Landon had a special birthday dinner fixed especially for him by his friend Josê Gabriel Arévalo (Gabo). He had his favorite Papa ala Huancaina, and also, Lomo saltado, which is a dish of marinated steak, vegetables and fried potatoes, usually served over white rice. It is one of the most popular recipes in Peru.

Gabo also got Landon a beautiful Cake.

I am so glad that Landon had a wonderful birthday, with good friends.

Click here to view a video of Landon cutting his cake. Gabo is standing (to Landon's left) and Marco, another friend sits down at the table opposite Landon, and Elder Flores (Landon's companion) is taking the video, and also mugs for the camera.
To view all the birthday pictures, click here.


Bettinson Bunch said...

Happy Birthday from Indiana! We were thinking about you today, while we were standing outside the Chicago Temple.

We love you! Love, Erika, Aaron, and kids

Anonymous said...

Hey Elder Rich,
I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday... From The Peterson Family and Elder Peterson

I have throughly enjoyed getting to know and love your parents. Today we have had a wonderful day traveling up to Heber to visit and meet Elder Herdt's parents.

Keep up the good work and know we love you and can hardly wait to see more pictures on your blog. :)

DTHH&B said...

Happy Bday Landon! We think of you all the time, and know you are doing a outstanding job! keep it up!

The Frost's in Japan