Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lunch with Members

"We have started eating lunch in the homes of the members.. It's been interesting so far. To start off, the first meal of the month..... cow stomach, haha. Well, I starting eating it, and I knew it wasn't meat, and I thought it was cow stomach, but I didn't say anything, because if I let it get to my mind, I might throw up... But I was surprised.. You couldn't really taste the difference, there was vegetables and rice and cow stomach and it all tasted the same, and it was good.

We have also had arroz choufa (fried rice), a soup called inchicapi, gabo tuvimos, papa la hauncayina,lomo saltados, and bistek wtih pure y arroz. It's been good.... It's helping the members alot... "

From Elder Woolf's email: "It’s a great blessing for us and the members. They can receive the blessings of service and sacrifice. And we can get to know them better so that we can work as a team."

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