Thursday, July 3, 2008

Interesting food......

I had an INSTANT MESSAGE session today with Gabo, and he said that the missionaries in Tarapoto are starting to eat their lunches in member's homes. This is new, and just started a few days ago.

He said the Landon was enjoying it, and today had a real treat ! It's called "cau- cau". He said that Landon had previously said that he would NEVER eat THAT Peruvian food, but I guess he had to literally EAT his words today.

Want to see a picture??

Take a guess - what do you think it is? I guessed that the chunks were potatoes, and I was right........but what is the MEAT?................looks kind of "fatty" with a skin or lining of some sort....... It is Cow STOMACH !!

Gabo assures me that it is yummy, and he said the Landon actually enjoyed it very much.
I'm going to be able to feed that boy ANYTHING when he gets home :)

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