Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The work goes on........

"Well family and friends... I'm here in Tarapoto and it's going good... We are working... We have a matrimony (marriage) and baptism set for this end of week and it should be good. A family - so I'm excited for that. They have so much faith. They recently moved from Tarapoto to Picota, which is like an hour away in car. Every end of week (weekend) they will be coming back until they get married and baptized and Carlos (the dad?) has the priesthood, then from there they will stay in Picota until the Stake comes here in December, and the church hopefully will expand out to them."

"We have more families to teach, but they aren't progressing as fast as I would like them to. I have to be patient. I thought I was a patient person, but I learned and am learning, that there are many levels of patience with yourself and others. This week I'm working on humility. All is well here. I'm good of health and I'm ready to finish up the work here in Tarapoto."

"We're planning to have a month of perfection in August, so pray for us. A month of perfection is a baptism every week, with 5 invites in the church, and 15 lessons with and without members. It's tough, but we are going to do it. I'm learning so much and I love the scriptures. This is preparing me for my life with my own family and for my life eternal with my Lord. I love this work. Take care everyone, love Elder Landon Lee Rich

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