Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Working Hard and Learning Much

This past week has been good…. I learned a lot and I'm working hard... You won't recognize me when I get home, I'm learning so much.

This change (6 week period) in Tarapoto is slow - but fast. Let me explain.... it's fast because, wow - next time I email I will let you guys know the change (where he's going next), but slow because the work is kinda slow.. We find new people to teach every day, but they don't progress. I'm working hard, but right now we're not having success in baptizing, but we're spreading the gospel to hundreds of people every week.. Teaching them about the restored gospel....

The people are great... I love the members, and I have such good friends here.. Gabo, Marco, and all the members. I love Spanish. I love speaking it, but I have to get better. Right now I can speak fluently, but my grammar, well that's a different matter. But I will get better. I can understand everything, and I can respond good. I don't sound like a white guy speaking Spanish, so that's good. I sound like a Latin, so that's good. It's just the little things.

I'm doing great in health - haven't been better... Ya know I'm a pretty lucky kid. I haven't been sick with anything of the stomach or anything, knock on wood... haha, it's truly a gift of God. I was studying the other day in D & C, Section 46, I think it is, and Moroni 10, about the gifts of God.... It's amazing how many gifts I have. I'm striving to reach all of them.. and that should be our goal...

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