Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad Night

"I have been so lucky and healthy throughout all my mission and finally, 8 months 24 days and 3 hours since I was set apart, for the first time in my mission.... after eating all sorts of things and everything, I was sick!!! I was sooo mad haha.. I fell asleep fine, and woke up at midnight and didn't feel too good. I knew I had to throw up, but I couldn't, and finally at 3 in the morning, ohhh booyyy. Then I couldn't sleep all the night and ya.. I was bad all Thursday, but we still worked. I rested a bit and I got a blessing, and I am fine, perfectly fine.. It was the 24 hour flu and now I'm fine..."

"Mom, no worries about me. During my agony in that night, I thought.. "Man, how nice it would be to have my mom here to comfort me and take care of me", haha... Even though I have (am) 20 years old, I still think about you taking care of me. I love you Mom..."

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