Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting a Driver's License in Peru

"I took a medical exam for the driver's license test,and found out my eyes are still as perfect as can be. I have to take a written test, which has 40 questions, and I have to get 30 right to pass. Then I have to drive and pass the driving test. Next week I will get it. I will drive a big van, and it's going to be great. I can't wait."

Refering to Elders Hyde, Ridge, & Layton, who are having visa problems.

"We need them down here. They will be good elders. If they come down by themselves to Peru, and come straight into the field, I will most likely go pick them up. That would be sweet!"

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about changes..........

........but your missionary never told you ! (haha) - Between Elder Rich and Elder Herdt's emails, we'll see if we can't fill in the blanks.

Elder Rich - During Monday through Friday (of change week) there are a lot of missionaries in the offices. At one time there could be 30 to 40 missionaries and that's a lot. We had 15 missionaries leave this last change.. and 15 came in also… So it was pretty even.. This next change (in 6 weeks), 11 are leaving… The number varies, sometimes it's more... sometimes it's less…. It all depends….

Elder Rich: Monday - Interviews for those that were finishing their missions. I had to have all their packets done and ready.

Elder Herdt: Monday - It was my responsability to set up our next years budget.

Elder Rich: Tuesday - I had to be ready for the oldies to go to the temple (for one last time), and when they came back, have all their tickets ready to go to the airport. We left for the airport to take five North Americans and two Latins at 8pm. We were there till 12am, then we worked a little bit till we had to turn around and go back to the airport at 2am to drop off two more Latins that were flying to southern Peru. We came back at 3:30am and got to bed at 4am.

Elder Herdt: Tuesday - So the day comes when we have to send all of the oldy olds home. So we were running to and fro (whatever fro means), trying to get people home.

Elder Rich: Wednesday - Up again at 6:30am to get everything ready to go to the church for the "change" meetings. There are two change meetings, one at 1pm, and one at 3pm. During all this I have to be ready to hand out documents and plane tickets to the people that are flying to Iquitos, Tarapoto, and Pucallpa. I have to make sure they get to the airport on time. Then Wednesday night we have to get ready for meetings the next day. There are now about 20 Elders (Zone Leaders) sleeping here in the offices.

Elder Herdt: Wednesday - Change day......DUNDUNDUM!!!!! So I wake up at 5am, ready to rock and roll. Ready to go pick up these little new kids, and rock their worlds. My job is to give them all a presentation about how their funds and money will work, and solutions to their problems, and stupid things not to do.

Elder Rich: Thursday - Is the council of the Zone leaders and President Perez. All day is spent in training, and we have to be here to run the offices and work like normal.

Elder Herdt: Thursday - Zone Council is pretty much legit, we have all 28 of the zone leaders here, and then they have a big meeting taking turns giving trainings. They send us in to answer questions and to explain things.

Elder Rich: Friday I have to be up at 5:30am to make sure the Elders get to the airport to get to Pucallpa on time. Then I just start working like normal. All day Friday is the council of the District leaders, and the training of the trainers, … so it's not as bad as they all say, but the earliest I got to bed this week was 2am…. It was good… I loved it…

Elder Herdt: Friday - District Leader council and training meeting for the new trainers. All that went smooth, then we went out and hit the field for the first time this week. It felt good.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Words of Encouragement and Love

It is so great to hear from my dear fellow missionary in Peru- how great it is to know that we share in this great opportunity of serving the Lord- at the same time!
We have a Peruvian Elder here- and whenever I am with him I think of you- he is sweet and humble, and becoming a great missionary -

Yes, we will have time when we get home to share experiences and continue to grow up together! I am so proud of you for preparing yourself to serve- and I know that you are enjoying your time there.

Let's make our last year the one to remember- I don't want to look back and wish I had done better or worked harder- I want God's stamp of approval on my heart when I leave here- I want to know that I did my best- God bless you Landon- let's work together now, although so far from one another- and do something great for the Lord!
I love you!
President Fisher
Billings Montana Mission
(Landon's former Bishop)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Relationships 101

When you are training a "greenie" you are the father and they are your son. If you get a missionary after his first exchange, you become his stepfather and he is your stepson.

This info provided by Elder Herdt's Mom (Thanks Darla), via Elder Herdt we suppose........does anyone know if this is just in Peru Lima North Mission? All of Peru? Other places?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watch out !!

So a little about my job or responsibilities, I do everything that has to do with the changes, like all the flights to and from the jungle, and all flights for those missionaries that are leaving to go home and that are coming into the mission. I make payments on everything, legalize documents, call home to everyone’s parents (the ones who are ending their missions), and to their bishops and stake presidents also.

But the most exciting is….. and you will probably be all worried haha, is that I get to.... DRIVE, haha, I get my license here in Peru, and will be driving the missionaries to and from the airport. I’m excited, but kind of scared at the same time. It will definitely be an experience... Never thought I would get to drive in Peru !!

Note about Lima Traffic found on the internet:

"The traffic in Lima is hard to put into words, but let me try it anyways. Insane. People are beeping their 70's style horns every time there is a car within a few feet of them, which is nearly every 10 seconds. No one obeys stop signs, they don't even slow down. Unless there are police around. We saw cars pushing other cars out of the way, and we once even saw a car push a PERSON out of the way. We explained to the driver that people from the US only honk when they're angry, and he found that concept very foreign."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Workings of the Office

Well, this week has been really crazy with learning all the new stuff in the offices and learning how to do everything. It’s going to be really tough, but it will be good.. Lots of responsibility, but I like it.. I miss preaching and teaching.. but with me learning and everything, we can't get out and teach. Once I get the hang of it and my comp gets a hold of his, we will be up and running. This Wednesday, that is coming up are those changes, and my trainer will be gone and I will be on my own... We will see how it goes..

AP – Elder Field.....................AP – Elder Anderson (North Carolina)
AP – Elder Vargas, L.................AP – Elder Ticona (Bolivia)
Secretary – Elder Gomez..............Secretary – Elder Rich
Letters/Paperwork - Elder Torrejon...Letters/Paperwork – Elder Vargas, I.
Financial Clerk – Elder Herdt........Financial Clerk – Elder Herdt (same)
History/Records – Elder Roldan.......History/Records – Elder Roldán (same)

Now with the changes, all are leaving except for Roldán and Herdt. Everyone else will be new.. A new office haha.. It will be interesting.. Normally there are 6 elders in the offices, and right now we are 9. It's a little crammed with only 2 bathrooms and 3 rooms to sleep in, but at least we have a mattress for every one of us. It will be nice and good when we all have everything in order and organized.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Visit to the Temple

Today was good.(08/23/08) We went to the temple (the missionaries in the offices) and it was great. It's been about 5 months since I have been, so it was good to get a reminder and I can almost get through it perfectly, in Spanish, so that’s cool. I'm happy, I learned 3 new things about the temple in the session today. That was my goal, to learn something new.

Thanks to Elder Layton's blog, we have this beautiful video of the Lima Temple - take a look. Also - I've uploaded new pics - check it out here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Encounter !!

A couple of days ago, Elder Peterson's mother and I were able to meet with Elder Woolf's parents. They are from Flower Mound Texas, and were attending BYU Education Week in Provo. It was so good to finally meet, after exchanging notes, letters, etc. over the past 10 months on the internet.

John & Donna Woolf, Bonnie Peterson, Gwen Rich

Our Elders >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Elder Herdt, Elder Peterson, Elder Woolf, and Elder Rich at the PROVO temple (while at the MTC)

Anyone know what that sign means???

Thanks to Elder Layton's dad - WE FINALLY KNOW..... It is the shortened version of PERU (PU) in sign language !! Hurrah! - another mystery solved, and believe me, there have been alot of mysteries :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Remembering Tarapoto

From April 23rd to August 12th, Landon served in Tarapoto, Peru. It was a wonderful area, with wonderful people. Mamita Teresa, his pension took such good care of him, and Gabo - how can we ever repay you for your kindness? Landon's two companions in this area, Elder Evans, and Elder Flores, were great. Landon learned so much - How to be patient, how to be Comp Mayor (Senior Companion), how to be humble......... Check out the pics here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More pics from the past......

Remember when we helped to tear down a house, and then build it again? (July) - Here are some pics.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tarapoto Zoo

A few weeks ago in Tarapoto, Landon got the chance to go to a zoo on P-day. Here are some pics of that day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More info.........

I love being here in the offices with Elder Herdt, it’s the bomb. We have fun.. we don’t goof off, but we have fun. I love Elder Herdt, what a treat it is to be here with him.

It's kinda crammed in here right now.. normally there are only 6 elders here in the offices.. We're now 8 and there will be nine before things settle down. It will be the bomb this next change and the mission will go up and up… I am going to love it….. (The 6 usual ones in the office would be the 2 assistants, the secretary (Landon) and the financial clerk (Herdt) the records clerk, and the mail clerk).

I get to go to the post office twice a week with my companion, to pick up packages, but the last two weeks of changes are so hectic, I hear the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of change week, we only sleep like 4 hours in 3 days !

On P-day we went to a church and played some soccer, then we went to a market place and bought some things. My area that I work in has Mega Plaza in it. It's like the mall, haha, it's cool.. Whenever we need something we can go there and get it because it's in our area. We can walk to our area, if we need to, from the offices, and I know pretty much all around the offices the areas and everything.

It's crazy how much you can get to know a place in such a short time. I can still remember all my areas, names of people.. street names, where everything is at, etc. Someone could tell me what street and what number of the house, and I can picture it in my mind and the house at times, because I have passed by the streets so much. It's amazing, it's truly a gift God has given me. I love it and am so grateful..

Monday, August 18, 2008

In the Offices....and learning to be a Secretary

Hello everyone, I'm doing great… Saturday is our P-day, and it’s a little bit different writing and relaxing on a Saturday, but I like it, I won't lie…

I love the offices… I'm here being trained by Elder Gomez from California. He is training me how to do my job. Everyday we work in the offices until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, then we get out and work in the field.

My job here entails scheduling flights and booking hotels for all the missionaries and President Perez, doing the agenda and calendar of President, and anything that has to do with the changes of missionaries. I call to the states almost everyday, haha. I speak in English on the phone which is really really hard by the way… I mess up and probably sound like a little kid when first learning how to speak, but oh well… I love it. I could see myself working in this type of environment.

Being secretary, you come in contact either by phone or in face with every single missionary in the mission at least one time a change. I handle all the new people coming in and leaving. I see all their pics, and let's just say, by the end of it I will know everyone in the mission, haha. How crazy..

One thing that made me really trunky, is I have to call home to all the parents of the kids that are going home and tell them, "Your son will be home at such an hour, please be there to pick him up", and they're like, "Oh, don’t you worry, I will be there, it will be so nice", and I'm just like, "Oh ya, well I have over a year still", so ya.. haha.. I love it....

Well, I love you. I know this work is true. I am now on the other side of the work, seeing the gears work in the offices, and I love it. This time in my mission is going to be very special to me. I know this is the church of God. I love you all, and thanks for everything. Wish everyone "HI" and tell them I love them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sharing Our Sons

We had a GREAT Day yesterday as we traveled to Chubbock,Idaho. Roger and I were able to meet with other parents who had sons on missions in Peru. We laughed, and ate, and talked, and cried, and looked at pictures, and made posters for our sons, and TOOK pictures, and received GIFTS, and had a wonderful time sharing experiences. Thanks to Debbie and Kelly Wright for hosting the event. It was THE BEST !

Click here for a slideshow of our fun day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grilling a Chicken - Peruvian Style

Back in June, Gabo mentioned that they had grilled chicken. We finally got the pics, and it looks like Landon's going to be a "Master Chef", just like his dad :) Check out the slideshow here

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Pics !!

We received a disk in the mail yesterday, and hope to post a bunch of pics soon. For now.......... Here is a tasty dish ! Landon never complains about the food, he's always glad to eat at a member's home. They take such good care of the missionaries. I think he will miss the jungle, and especially the people. We look forward to hearing about his new adventures in the offices.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weight and Weather

Landon's dad had asked him about these two things:

I'm not getting too fat actually. Since I threw up (about a month ago) I haven't gained anything, actually I think I have lost a little bit. I will go back to Lima where it's cold, so that will make me lose more weight, but I'll be in the offices where we'll eat fast food all the time, haha..... so I will get fat at the same time.... It will for sure be an experience.

The weather down here doesn't change much. It's always perfect for me, haha, cuz I'm used to it now...... At night sometimes it gets cold, but I just use the blankets and I'm fine. When it rains (in the jungle), it's heaven, haha... but when it stops and the sun comes out.. ohhh boy it's hot.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exciting News - Sad News

Well, hello all in Morgan, and the states. I have some exciting news for you guys and also some sad news. It looks like I will be leaving Tarapoto a little bit sooner than I thought. I will be leaving for Lima tomorrow in the morning at 11:30 am. I will be the personal secretary to President Perez.

I will have 2 weeks of training there in the offices, then I will be all on my own, working in the offices during the day, and in the mission field during the afternoon and night. It will be something else, working with President. What a great experience it will be, and more, my good old buddy from my group, Elder Herdt will be there by my side the whole time. I believe I will be there for 6 months. We will see how everything goes.

I'm really excited, but at the same time I am really sad. I have only had 4 baptisms here in this area in 4 months, but I think I have visited every house of every member and had a spiritual experience with every single one. I'm very sad to leave these people, and what's worse, I will have no time to say good-bye, and I will leave all these people that I love and they love me, and I feel horrible (about that). I will leave a letter behind, but I still feel bad. We're teaching alot of people this week and it has been great. I love you all and take care.... may God bless you ... I love you.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great News !!! - New Missionaries !!

Our good friend in Tarapoto, Josê Gabriel Arévalo also known as Gabo (see top picture), received his mission call !! He has been called to the Argentina, Bahia Blanca Mission. He turns 19 in October, and reports on Argentina MTC on November 14th. He will get to see snow "in person" for the first time in his life! He is very happy and excited.

Tambien!! Mamita Teresa's son, Jimmy (see bottom picture) received his call!! He will be going to Colombia, Barranquilla, and he reports on October 2nd. (I hope I got this information correct. Mamita Teresa and I were attempting to communicate, with neither of us knowing the other's language very well.) I said alot of "Bien Bien" and "Si Si's" - but the true spirit of happiness was evident as we spoke via instant message.

We are so happy for Gabo and Jimmy. They will be great missionaries.

Note from Vanessa Salazar and family

Hello Mrs. Rich, I hope you are very well. I writing to you because we want to say hello to Elder Rich, and hope he's very well. We remember always him and thank to him for all. He's a good friend. Thank you Mrs. Rich,
Family Salazar

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cambios and a Challenge

I'm starting to change, I think and do and say spiritual things now.. I can't help it.. It's not a bad thing, it's just that I'm turning more and more into a "weird" missionary everyday, and I hope you all can handle it. This life is so short, and we have to live every day as if it were the last.. We have to conquer the flesh. We have to stop doing the things of the world. I want to invite you all, if you're not already doing it, to try every single day, to walk, talk, and be as Christ was and is... In the way you talk and act with people, reflect Christ, and let your spirit and the Spirit of our Lord work through you to bless the lives of other people.

Cambios y reto
Estoy empezando a cambiar, pienso y hago cosas espirituales ahora..No puedo ayudarlo…No es algo malo…Es sólo que me estoy convirtiendo más y más en un misionero “raro” cada día. Espero que ustedes puedan manejarlo. Esta vida es tan corta, y debemos vivir cada día como si fuese el último. Tenemos que vencer a lo carnal. Tenemos que parar de hacer las cosas del mundo. Quisiera invitarlos a hacerlo, si tú no lo estás haciendo todavía, intentar cada día, caminar, hablar, y ser como Cristo fue y es. ..En la manera que tú hables y actúes con las personas, reflejando a Cristo, y dejas a tu espíritu y al Espíritu de nuestro Señor obrar en ti para poder bendecir las vidas de otras personas.


Troques e desafíos
Estou começando a trocar, penso e faço coisas espirituais agora...Não o posso ajudar...Não e algo mau... É só que me estou convertendo mais e mais num missionário “raro” cada dia. Espero que vocês o possam entender. Esta vida é tão curta, e devemos viver cada dia como se fora o último. Temos que vencer o carnal. Temos que parar de fazer as coisas do mundo. Os quisera invitar a fazer-lo, se você não o está fazendo ainda, tentar cada dia, caminhar, falar, e ser como Cristo foi e é....Na maneira que você fale e atue com as pessoas, refletindo a Cristo, e deixe a seu espírito e ao espírito de nosso Senhor obrar em você para poder bendizer as vidas de outras pessoas.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Spanish and Portuguese Translations !

Thanks to our good friend, Josê Gabriel Arévalo, we will now have Spanish AND Portuguese translations of posts in Landon's blog :) This will help all of our friends in Peru and Brazil, to understand what we are posting. Thanks Gabo !!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Please keep these Elders in your prayers

A few Elders who were recently called to the Peru Lima North Mission, are "stuck" in the Provo MTC. A few of them are Elder Ridge and Elder Layton (pictured here) and Elder Hyde (not pictured). They should have flown out to the CCM in Peru, mid July, but are having problems with their visas. If they haven't come through by August 20th, they will be temporarily assigned to another mission until they do. These Elders and their families could sure use our prayers in their behalf. Thanks !

Por favor, mantengan a estos Élderes en sus oraciones
Algunos Élderes que fueron recientemente llamados a la Misión Perú Lima Norte están “varados” en el CCM de Provo. Algunos de ellos son Élder Ridge y Élder Layton (los de la foto). Ellos debieron haber estado en el CCM de Perú, a mediados de Julio, pero están teniendo algunos problemas con sus visas. Si ellos no vienen a Perú hasta el 20 de agosto, serán temporalmente asignados a otra misión hasta que el problema de las visas se solucione. Estos Élderes y sus familias desean que oremos por ellos. ¡Gracias!

Por favor, mantenham aos Élder nas suas orações
Alguns Élderes que foram recentemente chamados à missão Peru Lima Norte estão “varados” no CTM de Provo. Alguns de eles são Élder Ridge e Élder Layton (os da foto). Eles deveram ter estado no CTM de Peru a mediados de Julho, mas estão tendo alguns problemas com suas visas. Se eles não vêm a Peru até 20 de Agosto, eles serão temporalmente designados a outra missão até que o problema das visas se solucione. Os Élderes e suas famílias desejam que oremos por eles. ¡Muito Obrigado!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Good Meal

Gabo invited Elder Flores and Elder Rich to lunch at his house yesterday. He fixed Arroz con Pollo, which is "Rich with Chicken" - one of Landon's very favorite things to eat :)

Thank you Gabo !! You are the best :)

Buena comida
Gabo invitó a Élder Flores y a Élder Rich a almorzar en su casa ayer. Él Preparó arroz con pollo; una de las comidas favoritas de Landon.
¡Gracias Gabo! eres lo máximo 

Boa comida
Gabo invitou a Élder Flores e Élder Rich a almoçar na sua casa ontem. Ele preparou arroz com frango; uma das comidas favoritas de Landon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I love being a missionary

I was thinking the other day... to be a missionary is such an awesome thing. We just carry something with us. It's the Spirit and Jesus Himself. When people see us, they just light up. The members, and just everyone. We carry such power I can't even believe it. I'm starting to notice it everyday a little more and a little more. I love being a missionary.

Amo ser un missionero
Estaba pensando el otro día…el ser un misionero es una cosa muy hermosa. Sólo llevamos algo con nosotros; eso es el espíritu de Jesús mismo. Cuando la gente nos ve, se alegran. Los miembros y cada uno de ellos. Nosotros llevamos un poder que no todavía no lo puedo creer. Lo estoy empezando a notar un poquito más cada día. Amo ser un misionero.

Amo ser um missionario
Estava pensando o outro dia...o ser missionário é uma coisa muita maravilhosa. Só levamos algo com nós; isso é o espírito de Jesus mesmo. Quando a gente nos vê, se alegram. Os membros e cada um deles. Nós levamos um poder que ainda não o posso crer. Estou começando-o a notar um pouco mais cada dia. Amo ser um missionário

Monday, August 4, 2008

Prayers have been answered !!

Well, your prayers and fasting have been answered this week. Thank you all, for all you do for me back home. This week the numbers weren't any better, but the success was! We found 12 families that are married!!!!! You guys don't know the jungle, but that's rare. We're finally finding people that want to hear this gospel and need it in their lives. It's the chosen ones we're looking for, and thanks to God and all of your prayers this past week has been amazing. We had a good Sunday, with alot of members in the church and 4 investigators - a family! Right now we have 2 families with 8 baptisms we're preparing for, and we're planning on even more. We have sooooo many people to teach ... and also me and Elder Flores.. we're going great.... Never fighting, just laughing and playing and (everything is done) with the spirit. Teaching and helping one another and all the people. I love this mission and time is short here in the jungle. I can't believe I might be leaving in only 20 days.... scary to think about.. and then it will be September, how crazy is that?


¡Las oraciones han sido contestadas!
Tus oraciones y ayunos han sido contestados esta semana. Gracias por todo, por todo lo que haces por mí. En esta semana los números no fueron muy buenos, pero fue exitoso. ¡¡¡Encontramos 12 familias que están casadas!!! Chicos, ustedes no conocen la selva, es algo rara. Finalmente estamos encontrando personas que desean escuchar el evangelio y que lo necesitan en sus vidas; son los escogidos que queremos encontrar, y gracias por todas las oraciones en esta última semana ya que han sido sorprendentes. Tuvimos un buen domingo, con un montón de miembros en la capilla y 4 investigadores – ¡una familia! Ahora tenemos 2 familias con 8 bautismos los cuales estamos planeando en tenerlos, y estamos planificando muchos otros. Tenemos muchas personas a las que enseñar… y también a mí y a Élder Flores nos está yendo estupendo…no más roses, sólo riendo, jugando y (todo hecho) con el espíritu; ayudándonos el uno al otro y a todas las demás personas. Amo la misión y el tiempo es muy corto en la selva. No puedo creer que estaré yéndome en 20 días más… me da miedo de sólo pensarlo y luego será setiembre, ¿Cuán loco es verdad?


As orações têm sido contestadas!
As suas orações e jejuns têm sido contestados nesta semana. Obrigado por tudo, por tudo o que você face por mim. Nesta semana os números não foram muito bons, mas foi bem-sucedido. Encontramos 12 famílias que estão casadas!!!...Garotos, vocês não conhecem a selva, é muito rara. Finalmente estamos encontrando pessoas que desejam escutar o evangelho e que o precisam nas suas vidas; são os escolhidos que queremos encontrar, e graças por todas as orações já que têm sido surpreendentes. Tivemos um bom domingo, com muitos membros na capela e 4 investigadores – uma família! Agora temos 2 famílias com 8 batismos os quais estamos planeando em ter-los, e estamos planificando muitos outros. Temos muitas pessoas às que ensinar... e também a Élder Flores e a mim nos está indo estupendo...não há mais roces entre nós, só rindo jogando e (tudo feito) com o espírito; ajudando-nos mutuamente e a todas as demais pessoas. Amo a missão e o tempo são curtos na selva. Não posso crer que me estarei indo em 20 dias mais... me da medo de só pensar-lo e logo será setembro, Quão louco é verdade?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Letters from Home/Package rules

I got tons of letters and things this past Tuesday. Not my package, but it will come when they come for interviews. Only a month after my birthday, haha, it's all good.

I got the birthday cards from both grandparents and a letter from Grandma Rich. I also got the Dear Elder from Nate. Tell all these guys thanks and I will be writing back to them soon. I got the photos that you sent me for my converts, thank you so much, it's perfect. I also got the Church Hand Books for the Branch also, so thank you for that. It will help a ton.

I'm also happy to hear about Ian Fiek and all the younger guys who are getting ready to leave on missions. It makes me happy.

The mission has asked us to tell our parents that when sending packages, to not send dry meat or jerky, cheese, watches, used clothes, or ties, money or other objects of worth, I know we don’t have any problem there, just a reminder.

Cartas de casa/normas
Me llegaron toneladas de cartas y cosas el martes pasado. Mi paquete no, pero llegará cuando vengan para las entrevistas. Sólo un mes después de mi cumpleaños jajaja, está todo bien.
Tengo las cartas de cumpleaños que me enviaron mis abuelitos y una carta de la abuelita Rich. También tengo Dear Elder de Nate. Diles a todos los chicos ¡gracias! Y que les escribiré muy pronto. Tengo las fotos que me enviaste para mis conversos, muchas gracias, está perfecto. También tengo los manuales de la iglesia para las Ramas, ¡se pasaron; muchas gracias por ello! Ayudará muchísimo.
Estoy también feliz por oír sobre Ian Fiek y oír también de todos los hombres jóvenes quienes se están preparando para salir a la misión. Me hace tan feliz.
La misión nos dijo para decir a nuestros padres que cuando envíen encomiendas, que no envíen carne seca, queso, relojes de mano, ropa usada o corbatas u otros objetos de valor; yo sé que en eso no tenemos ningún problema, sólo para recordarles.

Cartas de casa/normas
Me chegaram muitas cartas e coisas a terça feira passada. Meu pacote não, mas chegará quando venham pras entrevistas. Só um mês depois de meu aniversário jajaja. Está tudo bem.
Tenho as cartas de aniversário que meus avós me têm enviado e uma carta da modéstia Rich. Também tenho Dear Elder de Nate. Tem que dizer a todos os garotos ¡obrigado! E que lhes escreverei de volta pronto. Tenho as fotos que me enviaste para meus conversos, muitas graças, está perfeito. Também tenho os manuais da igreja pras ramas, estou muito agradecido com vocês. Ajudará muito.
Estou também feliz por ouvir sob Ian Fiek e ouvir também de todos os homes jovens que se estão preparando para sair à missão. Me faz tão feliz.
A missão nos tem dito pra dizer a nossos papais que quando enviem pacotes, que não enviem carne seca, queijo, relógios de mão, roupa usada ou gravatas ou outros objetos de valor; eu sei que não temos problemas com isso. Só pra recordar-lhes.