Friday, July 11, 2008

Elder Herdt - what a funny guy !

The Sons
Herdt, Rich, Peterson

The Moms

Peterson, Rich, Herdt

"That's so awesome about the get together you guys had with Elder Herdt's family. And also about Elder Herdt being assigned to the mission offices, I didn't know that - that's cool! Good for him (Elder Herdt will be serving as the financial clerk for 6 months). But I'm glad I'm in the field, haha, man it's been awhile and will be awhile till I see all my friends again."

The Herdt family is from Vegas. Elder Herdt entered the MTC the same day as Landon, and they became really good friends, along with Elder Woolf (Texas) and Elder Peterson (Kaysville). We were able to visit with the Herdt's over the 4th of July weekend, at a cabin in the mountains east of Heber City. It was great !

Check out a funny video of crazy Elder Herdt. I can hardly wait to meet that kid :)

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