Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reuniting with the Familia Polanco

It all started when I had to call to the sister missionaries in the area of Procures, that’s right in my old area. I called their pension's number, because they don't have a phone in their room. A guy picked up, and I talked to him a little bit, and I hung up and I thought, "Wow, that voice sounds familiar?!". I looked at the number, and I thought, "Man, that number looks familiar". I called back again, and I asked, "Who am I talking to?", and he said, "Hermano Polanco!!!!" And I said, "Do you know who you’re talking to?", and he said, "Nope". It was a good reunion over the phone. Something I will never forget.

A little bit about the Polanco family…. They are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They couldn’t be doing better. They are killin' it, pensioning the missionaries (taking care/feeding of the missionaries by being a pension) and just killin' the mission work. I hear they give references of families almost every week, and they go out with the missionaries. They are well on their way to go to the temple, and will be a family sealed in the temple. Their son that didn’t get baptized, is now listening to the message and it's amazing to watch the hands of the Lord work. The daughters are doing great and everything is going great…… I can’t wait to see them.

Also Hermana Mariela from Procures, she called me here at the offices. I couldn’t believe it. It was also really good to talk to her, to hear that she and her family and her son are doing really good!!!

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