Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Crazy week in review.......... Wednesday (09/17)

11 months today, haha…. The funny thing is, I have been so busy here I didn’t even realize it till 3 in the afternoon.

Today, the Assistants were at the CCM picking up the 17 missionaries from Bolivia, when all of a sudden they said, “Oh ya, you’re getting 27 again”. Well needless to say, it was a hectic day, but it all turned out really well.

We picked up Elder Layton from the airport. He just chilled with us all day, slept with us here in the offices, and it was so interesting to see someone right out of the states come to Peru and just be AWWWed at Peru. He was tired though, he slept from 10 in the morning until like 6 in the afternoon. A good little nap. Then we went to dinner, it was good, his first Peruvian meal!!! I will tell you one thing, I’m sooooooo glad I’m not new anymore… I would like to be in his shoes again, BUT with the things I know now, and being able to speak Spanish. He is in the field with his comp, and I bet just lovin’ life…. He will be a good missionary.

This evening, we started our meeting with Elder Nash, and it was so formal, I loved it. First, he circled us up in the offices, he and his wife, and President and his wife, on the couches, and us on chairs. He had each one of us present ourselves and explain a little about our job, then he went for a tour of the offices and was very impressed at the work that is going on here, and the missionaries that are here also. Needless to say, President Perez was HAPPY. You should have seen his face, it was amazing. I’m really excited for these next few days of training from Elder Nash in our mission. It will help a lot, and also with all these new missionaries. I’m excited, this next month of October will be amazing.

One thing I want to comment on before I close… The LOOK Elder Nash gives you. He looks you right in the eyes. One word... WOW! It’s unexplainable.. It was like looking into... I don’t know... Tt was amazing!!! It’s like he studies you, your thoughts, and your sins if you have any.. it’s crazy, but I loved it!! He is amazing, and I am truly blessed to have met him, and for the opportunity I will have to listen to him tomorrow.

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