Monday, September 22, 2008

A Crazy week in review.......... Monday (09/15)

We didn’t get out in the field today till we left for dinner, which is at 8pm. I was busy doing the new changes, YES, the new changes already.(October 8th changes) I know where everyone is going this next change. All my old comps, all my buddies, I love it. They will be excited. I was doing that all day long, and my comp was at Serpost (the post office) picking up packages, and then we cleaned upstairs. Our room, and the big room also.

To follow up on the girl that the member presented to us yesterday. Me and Elder Herdt went to teach her. I loved teaching with Elder Herdt. It was the first time in the mission. We didn’t have any experience together or anything, we just taught, and it was good… The lesson went really well, but I thought the commitment we did to get baptized could have been a little better. I now realize I have to keep studying to keep up the teaching good… I need to read Preach My Gospel a lot more… I don’t think there is time, but I will find time.

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