Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Crazy week in review......... Sunday (09/14)

Well, today was a good Sunday. We had some good Sunday services. One sister presented us to a 15 year old girl that wants to hear the message… We have tons of young people, and that’s good, but not very many families.. But we’re getting there.

After church we went out proselyting. We passed by a bunch of less actives, and had some good lessons with them. I think that the easiest way to find families to teach, is to look for the less actives and usually their wife or husband isn’t a member, so there you go!

We visited this guy that told us he had been waiting for us. It was neat… He said he has been inactive for 2 or 3 months, and he is the only member in his family, so it’s tough. His wife and 3 daughters and 2 nephews aren’t members. He was waiting for us to come and get him back on the track. We kneeled to end in prayer, and it was amazing. He felt better, and we have an appointment with his family this Friday.

Then we had a good visit with a family that we contacted last week. The wife is a member, she was baptized when she was 8, but then went inactive. It was amazing to see her face during the whole lesson. It was like, WOW, I haven’t heard this for years and years, and I’m so glad they are here. It was a good feeling.

We didn’t have too many lessons with investigators (this week), but with less actives and finding new people to teach, it was good. It was a good night and day. I liked it. I had a desire to teach and find and baptize yesterday. I want to have that desire all the time. I pray that I might.

We got notice that the PLN mission is getting 28 North Americans, that were serving in Bolivia, plus 4 or 5 more that are coming from different places, so in total this Wednesday, we’re getting 30+ missionarie. We get to put them to work, find where they’re going to live, and eat and let’s just say, I don’t think we will get out in the area much (working) this week.

Elder Nash is going to do his sweep of the mission from Tuesday to Saturday. The schedule was set in stone. I had called all the hotels and made all the flights, but then the "Bolivian Crisis" happened, and I will now need to change all the flights, make and cancel new flights, and cancel and change hotel reservations.

It's going to be hectic. 30+ missionaries in one day, getting them to and from their areas. WOW !! Plus, there are more than 30 missionaries (not the ones coming from Bolivia) either flying into Lima or to another part of the jungle, to have the meeting with Elder Nash. It will for sure be interesting.

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