Friday, September 26, 2008

A Crazy week in review.......... Friday (09/19)

Okay, to fill you in on some of the Bolivia stuff. It’s been really crazy, running around getting these guys situated and all good, and they are still coming. We got 17 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, 2 today (Friday) and the rest come on Sunday. We then get 4 more Latins from Guatemala on Tuesday, and 2 gringos nuevos (new white “North American” missionaries)on Wednesday (Note from Gwen: That would be Elders Ridge and Eliason? I believe) We’re getting a lot of missionaries, and with that, I am in charge of the travel and all the documents. How fun, huh?.... I love it… It’s good, but I’m really tired, and I won’t get any rest for awhile.. But it’s fine.

There have been some cool stories going around though, of how they got out of Bolivia. They called them in the night and said pack up your stuff, you’re leaving Bolivia. Whichever “border” they were closer to.. Brazil, or Argentina, or Peru. That’s where they went. They got them out as fast as they could. Most of them left all their stuff behind, they just brought a backpack with whatever they could fit in it. It’s tough. They are all good with us here.

The coolest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An Elder Walker from Bolivia, went to Argentina and stayed the night in a mission office. Well, when he heard I was from Morgan, Utah, he asked, “Do you know an Elder Brown?” and I said, “Oh my heck! Travis Brown??” It was sweet. I guess Travis is the secretary personal to his Presidente also.. How sweet is that?

So, I’m ready to head to bed. It was a good day and a well needed P-day is coming up!!! I love you all and I hope the best for all of you. Take care.

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