Sunday, September 14, 2008

On being a missionary........

This ward of Independencia is amazing. They help a lot. I'm excited to work here in this area. We find less actives all day, everyday, there is a lot!!! We work on both finding, baptizing, and reactivating. It's tough to talk about numbers and people. If you're just thinking about the numbers, that means you don’t care if the person you're baptizing knows anything about the gospel and is prepared. But now here is the tricky part… If you don’t worry about the numbers, you don’t have people to teach. The higher numbers you have, the more people you have to teach, and the more baptisms you have. The numbers are really really really important. Missionaries who don’t worry about the numbers, DON’T care about the salvation of their investigators. That is that.

We pray before we leave the offices. Sometimes we have appointments and sometimes we don’t. We visit less actives, no actives, and members...... and when we see a family in the street, we talk to them. We greet them, ask their name, and talk to them. We ask about their interests, their life, their family, etc. Then we relate the gospel plan to their needs and give them a pamphlet they can read, and share our testimony and write down their address and visit them when they tell us to, and that’s about it. Not very efficient......... and that’s why member references are so much better. We do 10 of these kinds of contacts on the streets everyday!! That is our goal.

We had a date for baptism with Daniel for this past Saturday, but his dad wants him to wait a little longer. He is younger and has to have permission to get baptized, but he is excited and we will see for this next weekend. Manuel has a date for October. The other ones.. they weren’t progressing, but we found some other people that have family members, so we will be teaching them and working with them.

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