Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Decisions and Choices

The decisions we make are eternal. I think back at all of the decisions I have made, and sometimes I wish I would have chosen better. Looking back on it, there were things I could have prevented if I would have just been doing the things of the Lord and obeying the commandments. Choices are so critical. Check out the second chapter of 2 Nephi, when Lehi is explaining to his son about the freedom to choose.... GOOD or BAD, ETERNAL LIFE or HELL. There are only two choices. The decisions we make DAILY determine where we will go. Choose wisely with the help and council from our Father in Heaven and leaders and parents. I need to make better choices, even out here on the mission. Even being so close to the Lord, there are still things that I have to choose, and I need to get much much better at that.

Concerning the wrong choices we have made in the past; ONE, we repent, and TWO, forget it and never do it again (DyC 58: 42-43) The Lord will not remember it, so why should we? Now when I say forget... I mean after we repent, forget the guilt we feel, but don’t forget about the lesson that we learned. We need to learn from our mistakes and move forward.

I'm going to start making better decisions here in the mission. I will be better and I invite you to be better also.... even down to the smallest thing we can be better. This life is to perfect ourselves In Christ. It's not possible alone, but with Christ it is. We love our Savior, but sometimes we don’t show it by the decisions we make. We will make better decisions. I love our Lord Jesus Christ, and He lives, and through him we can all be made holy.

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