Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unexpected Phone Call

The other night, I received a phone call with an Arizona area code. When I answered, it was a woman who told me she had just returned from Peru, and she had met and spoken with Landon ! She then proceeded to tell me how HEALTHY he looked, and everything else a mom would want to know. It's one of those tender mercies that I have received as a mother of a missionary.

Sister Coombs also took a couple of pictures, that she mailed to me. This first one, is the street just outside of the mission home.........and the second one, is Elder Rich with another Elder.........not sure which one.

If I remember the conversation correctly, Sister Coombs was there with her husband, who had previously served a mission in Peru about 35 years ago. They were with another couple who work with our church's Perpetual Education Fund. They were meeting with North American missionaries who were soon to be going home after completing their missions. One thing that she said, sticks out in my mind. If these returning missionaries would set aside $5.00 per month, this $5.00 would "fund" one of their former companions, for one month, as they progressed through the PEF program. Just think of that !!

So many of these missionaries that our sons are serving with, have no prospects for an education, or bettering their lives after returning home from their missions. Our sons, who are so VERY blessed, can help to improve a life - by giving so very little. I tell you, it surely changed the way I personally look at the PEF program. It puts a "face" on it, so to speak. Thank you Sister Coombs !!

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