Friday, October 3, 2008

Helpful Information - PLN Mission Zones

Click here for info on areas WITHIN the zones.

And now, after all of this.......What is always the CONSTANT?
You've got it - CHANGE !!

From Elder Rich's latest email:
"On October 8, 2008, when all is said and done with the changes, and with all of the new missionaries (including those from Bolivia), we will have over 200 missionaries!!!!!!!! and 16 zones!!!. I'm stoked.... It's going to be sweet... I hope it all goes well..."

"There is a new zone, called PRO. It is just the Puente Piedra zone, cut in half and named differently, and also the PALMERAS zone is the INDEPENDENCIA zone cut in half and named differently. The same areas, just different names and more leadership."

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