Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mistake? No possible way........

The best family of my mission as far as wanting to progress, and having the most challenges to do so, are Eduardo and Regina, with their son.

It was a "mistake" how we found them, but I know for a fact it was the hand of the Lord guiding us to them. We met a less active member in the street, got her address, and the next day we went looking for her. Well we mixed up the street name and got to the right number, but wrong street, and Eduardo answered. We talked a bit, and he says, ”You’re the Mormons right?” He says, “I have always been curious what you guys believe in, and I want to know more”.

We invited him to an activity the next day, and sure enough, the next day the whole family went to the church for the activity, and turns out they know a lot of the members, so it was great. They then invited us back to their house the next day, and we taught them about the restoration and they loved it. Monday we had a family night with them and wow, it’s just amazing. They read ALL the pamphlets we gave to them, The Book of Mormon, and everything. Eduardo wants to learn about the life of Joseph Smith and just everything. They are really smart. They just need to get married and they want to, but it’s kinda tough to get married down here in Peru. It costs a lot and they have to do a lot of paperwork, but they will get married. They haven’t come out and said it, but they were asking about baptism the other day, and man… It’s amazing how chosen they are.

I love it. I hope and pray all goes through well with them.

We need to find more families to teach! We are on the lookout everyday. I love working. I can’t wait everyday, to get out and work. I love it. I love teaching. I love this work.

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