Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Spanish Teacher

Our good friend Gabo, (who by the way...... has 18 more days before he leaves on his mission ! ) put this little icon with the missionaries and bikes together. I had asked him what it said........ and it is "I'm Mormon, and you?"

Gabo knows Spanish, English, Portuguese, and is studying Italian. He is very smart, and I think he should be a teacher. This is what he had to say........

Soy Mormón y ¿Vos? is Spanish, BUT I use vos "you singular". This pronoun is just used in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and some parts of Bolivia and Guatemala, we call it Rioplatence Spanish. In the rest of Latin America we use Tú "you singular", so that phrase would be, Soy Mormón y ¿Tú?

Here in Peru we use Amazonican Spanish (jungle), Peruvian Ribereño Spanish (coastal area), and Andino Spanish (mountain area), so our pronunciation and accent is different, even though we live in the same country.

In Latin America, every country has it's own accent and Spanish pronunciation. Spain has it's own accent and pronunciation too. But we understand each other

In Portuguese, it would be "Sou mórmon e você?", and in Italian it'd be Sono Mormon e tu?.

I hope this information is useful for you Sister Rich, bye!!

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