Friday, October 17, 2008

El Primer en año en la misión de Landon (Hump Day)

It's "Hump Day" on your mission.
There are lessons to be learned:
Evaluate the good times,
Let bad things "crash and burn".

Remember, as His servant,
There is much you still can do.
The past 12 months are over,
The next 12 months are new !!

This camel carries heavy loads,
But knows his master's hand
Will lift them at each long day's end,
And thus you'll understand....

Submit, as does the camel,
To your Lord, on bended knee,
He'll bless you with His Spirit's power;
He'll lift cares, and help you see

That missions can be challenges,
But place your trust in Him...
No matter what you're called to do,
With the Lord's help, you will win.

It's "Hump Day" on your mission
There is so much to be done;
Work life... there's little time;
The best is still to come !!

by V-Ann Ludlow

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