Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanks To 19 Year Olds

"First of all I would like to thank every missionary who has
ever labored in this transcendent latter-day undertaking we have been
given. The rolling forth of the restored gospel is a miracle in every
sense of the word, and not the least of the miracle is that a
significant portion of it rolls forward on the shoulders of
19-year-olds! As we have seen your sons and daughters, grandsons and
granddaughters, faithfully laboring ........, I have pictured the tens of thousands of others like them we have met all over the world. Clean, clear,
bright-eyed missionaries, laboring two-by-two, have become a living
symbol of this Church everywhere. They themselves are the first
gospel message their investigators encounter--and what a message that
is. Everyone knows who they are, and those of us who know them the
best, love them the most
." by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (May 2004 Ensign)

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