Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Planned Baptisms

I absolutely love my area. We’re doing good. This week of changes will be a little tough, because we won’t get out much to visit our investigators.

We have 5 baptismal dates set for the 18th of October, for Daniel, Milagros Quispe, Milagros V., Manuel, and Layla. They are all young, 12, 14, 15, 19, and 10. They all have been assisting church or seminary for a long time. They are all doing really well.

Milagros V. (15) is changing and grasping this gospel and it’s beautiful and amazing what the gospel can do. She needs this. I’m happy for her and I’m thankful for her.

Milagros Q. (14) has been assisting seminary for 2 years and church for a year, but her parents won’t let her get baptized. We need to talk to her parents to find out the details, but she wants to. She is shy and timid, but a good young girl.

We’re teaching Manuel (19) and his mom now, and it’s amazing how willing she is to change, even though she says she won’t be baptized yet. She is fulfilling all of the commitments we have given her. It will be good for Manuel also.

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