Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"The visits with Eduardo and Regina have been going good, they say they want to put a date to get married in November, and then a date to get baptized. He is 36 an she is 31, and they have a 7 year old child.

We are also teaching Rubén and Gladys, a couple who are progressing, and also planning to get married.

Baptisms planned for this Saturday are, Layla (10 years)and her cousin Milagros, who lives with Layla's family, and Evelyn (16 years). Layla and Milagros were supposed to have been baptized last Saturday, but we decided we needed to teach and prepare them more, so they are set for this Saturday, with Evelyn.

The members in our area are great, and they help us out a lot. We attend the Independencia Ward, and it starts at 10am on Sunday mornings, with Sacrament meeting first."

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