Monday, October 27, 2008

Congratulations Leyla !

Leyla Rebbeca Gutirrez Sosa was baptized last night!!! (Friday, October 24, 2008) She has 10 years of age. Her cousin, Milagros, has a date for the 8th of November to get baptized. Leyla's parent's names are Rosa and Jonny.

It was such a good baptism, even though at first not many people were there, and we started a little late. She was so excited to get baptized. Here is the story: The water is cold here in the font. It’s not heated, and it wasn’t too bad, but for a little girl, she was cold. When we got in the font, she was all worried about being dunked and everything and she was like, “I can’t do it”, and she started to cry a little bit. Not because she didn’t want to be baptized, but she was just afraid because she didn’t know what to do, or to expect. You gotta know her, but it was hilarious. Once she got calmed down, she is like, “Ok, I’m ready”.

As soon as they were about to open the doors (in front of the font), she is like, “Wait!, I’m chewing gum!” I told her it’s okay to get baptized with gum in her mouth, but she didn’t want to, so I was like uhhhh.... “Ok, give it to me”, haha. I was like a mom, you know when the mom sticks out her hand and they spit it (the gum) into their hand? Well, that was me, haha. I put it into my front shirt pocket and she was baptized!!!! It was amazing.

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