Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weight and Weather

Landon's dad had asked him about these two things:

I'm not getting too fat actually. Since I threw up (about a month ago) I haven't gained anything, actually I think I have lost a little bit. I will go back to Lima where it's cold, so that will make me lose more weight, but I'll be in the offices where we'll eat fast food all the time, haha..... so I will get fat at the same time.... It will for sure be an experience.

The weather down here doesn't change much. It's always perfect for me, haha, cuz I'm used to it now...... At night sometimes it gets cold, but I just use the blankets and I'm fine. When it rains (in the jungle), it's heaven, haha... but when it stops and the sun comes out.. ohhh boy it's hot.

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