Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exciting News - Sad News

Well, hello all in Morgan, and the states. I have some exciting news for you guys and also some sad news. It looks like I will be leaving Tarapoto a little bit sooner than I thought. I will be leaving for Lima tomorrow in the morning at 11:30 am. I will be the personal secretary to President Perez.

I will have 2 weeks of training there in the offices, then I will be all on my own, working in the offices during the day, and in the mission field during the afternoon and night. It will be something else, working with President. What a great experience it will be, and more, my good old buddy from my group, Elder Herdt will be there by my side the whole time. I believe I will be there for 6 months. We will see how everything goes.

I'm really excited, but at the same time I am really sad. I have only had 4 baptisms here in this area in 4 months, but I think I have visited every house of every member and had a spiritual experience with every single one. I'm very sad to leave these people, and what's worse, I will have no time to say good-bye, and I will leave all these people that I love and they love me, and I feel horrible (about that). I will leave a letter behind, but I still feel bad. We're teaching alot of people this week and it has been great. I love you all and take care.... may God bless you ... I love you.

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