Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watch out !!

So a little about my job or responsibilities, I do everything that has to do with the changes, like all the flights to and from the jungle, and all flights for those missionaries that are leaving to go home and that are coming into the mission. I make payments on everything, legalize documents, call home to everyone’s parents (the ones who are ending their missions), and to their bishops and stake presidents also.

But the most exciting is….. and you will probably be all worried haha, is that I get to.... DRIVE, haha, I get my license here in Peru, and will be driving the missionaries to and from the airport. I’m excited, but kind of scared at the same time. It will definitely be an experience... Never thought I would get to drive in Peru !!

Note about Lima Traffic found on the internet:

"The traffic in Lima is hard to put into words, but let me try it anyways. Insane. People are beeping their 70's style horns every time there is a car within a few feet of them, which is nearly every 10 seconds. No one obeys stop signs, they don't even slow down. Unless there are police around. We saw cars pushing other cars out of the way, and we once even saw a car push a PERSON out of the way. We explained to the driver that people from the US only honk when they're angry, and he found that concept very foreign."

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