Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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I love being here in the offices with Elder Herdt, it’s the bomb. We have fun.. we don’t goof off, but we have fun. I love Elder Herdt, what a treat it is to be here with him.

It's kinda crammed in here right now.. normally there are only 6 elders here in the offices.. We're now 8 and there will be nine before things settle down. It will be the bomb this next change and the mission will go up and up… I am going to love it….. (The 6 usual ones in the office would be the 2 assistants, the secretary (Landon) and the financial clerk (Herdt) the records clerk, and the mail clerk).

I get to go to the post office twice a week with my companion, to pick up packages, but the last two weeks of changes are so hectic, I hear the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of change week, we only sleep like 4 hours in 3 days !

On P-day we went to a church and played some soccer, then we went to a market place and bought some things. My area that I work in has Mega Plaza in it. It's like the mall, haha, it's cool.. Whenever we need something we can go there and get it because it's in our area. We can walk to our area, if we need to, from the offices, and I know pretty much all around the offices the areas and everything.

It's crazy how much you can get to know a place in such a short time. I can still remember all my areas, names of people.. street names, where everything is at, etc. Someone could tell me what street and what number of the house, and I can picture it in my mind and the house at times, because I have passed by the streets so much. It's amazing, it's truly a gift God has given me. I love it and am so grateful..

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