Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about changes..........

........but your missionary never told you ! (haha) - Between Elder Rich and Elder Herdt's emails, we'll see if we can't fill in the blanks.

Elder Rich - During Monday through Friday (of change week) there are a lot of missionaries in the offices. At one time there could be 30 to 40 missionaries and that's a lot. We had 15 missionaries leave this last change.. and 15 came in also… So it was pretty even.. This next change (in 6 weeks), 11 are leaving… The number varies, sometimes it's more... sometimes it's less…. It all depends….

Elder Rich: Monday - Interviews for those that were finishing their missions. I had to have all their packets done and ready.

Elder Herdt: Monday - It was my responsability to set up our next years budget.

Elder Rich: Tuesday - I had to be ready for the oldies to go to the temple (for one last time), and when they came back, have all their tickets ready to go to the airport. We left for the airport to take five North Americans and two Latins at 8pm. We were there till 12am, then we worked a little bit till we had to turn around and go back to the airport at 2am to drop off two more Latins that were flying to southern Peru. We came back at 3:30am and got to bed at 4am.

Elder Herdt: Tuesday - So the day comes when we have to send all of the oldy olds home. So we were running to and fro (whatever fro means), trying to get people home.

Elder Rich: Wednesday - Up again at 6:30am to get everything ready to go to the church for the "change" meetings. There are two change meetings, one at 1pm, and one at 3pm. During all this I have to be ready to hand out documents and plane tickets to the people that are flying to Iquitos, Tarapoto, and Pucallpa. I have to make sure they get to the airport on time. Then Wednesday night we have to get ready for meetings the next day. There are now about 20 Elders (Zone Leaders) sleeping here in the offices.

Elder Herdt: Wednesday - Change day......DUNDUNDUM!!!!! So I wake up at 5am, ready to rock and roll. Ready to go pick up these little new kids, and rock their worlds. My job is to give them all a presentation about how their funds and money will work, and solutions to their problems, and stupid things not to do.

Elder Rich: Thursday - Is the council of the Zone leaders and President Perez. All day is spent in training, and we have to be here to run the offices and work like normal.

Elder Herdt: Thursday - Zone Council is pretty much legit, we have all 28 of the zone leaders here, and then they have a big meeting taking turns giving trainings. They send us in to answer questions and to explain things.

Elder Rich: Friday I have to be up at 5:30am to make sure the Elders get to the airport to get to Pucallpa on time. Then I just start working like normal. All day Friday is the council of the District leaders, and the training of the trainers, … so it's not as bad as they all say, but the earliest I got to bed this week was 2am…. It was good… I loved it…

Elder Herdt: Friday - District Leader council and training meeting for the new trainers. All that went smooth, then we went out and hit the field for the first time this week. It felt good.

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