Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Encounter !!

A couple of days ago, Elder Peterson's mother and I were able to meet with Elder Woolf's parents. They are from Flower Mound Texas, and were attending BYU Education Week in Provo. It was so good to finally meet, after exchanging notes, letters, etc. over the past 10 months on the internet.

John & Donna Woolf, Bonnie Peterson, Gwen Rich

Our Elders >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Elder Herdt, Elder Peterson, Elder Woolf, and Elder Rich at the PROVO temple (while at the MTC)

Anyone know what that sign means???

Thanks to Elder Layton's dad - WE FINALLY KNOW..... It is the shortened version of PERU (PU) in sign language !! Hurrah! - another mystery solved, and believe me, there have been alot of mysteries :)


Don Layton said...

We wondered the same thing as our Elders were making the same hand gestures. What they are doing is spelling out "P E R U" in sign language.

Don Layton said...

...It's the short version. The letters they are showing are "P" and "U", short for PERU.

* said...

Thanks !! - We have always wondered.......