Monday, June 16, 2008

What happened last Monday

Well to start off, Happy Dad Day to all the dads.. Especially my dad….. I sure do love him…

Well, this week has been one of, if not the best week of my mission…. Almost everyday we had a spiritual experience…

Monday we met these three people and we started talking. One of them asked us, "What is the difference between your church, and the rest of the christian churches". We said, "Well, 15 men are the difference …. A profet, (this is how they spell prophet in Spanish) his counselors and 12 apostles." He was blown away. He wanted an explanation of everything. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he was content with what he heard and what we taught. It was a good night.

Today (June 16) I think we're going to the waterfalls again… so that will be good.. especially because it rained all night long so the waters will be high and it will be sweet.. and no.... don’t worry mom.... I will be careful hahaha….

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