Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dia de San Juan

The people of Tarapoto had a traditional celebration yesterday. It is called Dia de San Juan, which translates to St. John's Day. No one works or attends classes, and the day in spent with familias. As a tradition, they eat Juene. This is rice, which has been colored a bright yellow with turmeric, and is placed in the center of a large flexible jungle leaf called bijau. Chicken, eggs, and olives are added, and then the leaf is gathered at the top and tied with palm fibers. The ball is boiled in hot herbed water for one hour. This has been a traditional Peruvian Indian dish for over 400 years. Gabo said that Landon tried it Tuesday night, and he loved it.

Here is some more information on Elder Landon Schofield's blog, about this holiday

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