Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tender Mercies

Those of you who know how detail oriented I am, won't be surprised by this post. Early this morning, Gabo, from Tarapoto, instant messaged me to let me know that Google Earth had CLEAR images of Tarapoto - FINALLY !! Then he and I conversed back and forth, and he pointed out Landon's church, Landon's home, Mamita Teresa's home, his home and school, and other LDS Chapels in the area. This just made my day !!

Elder Woolf, Landon's friend and companion from the MTC is also in Tarapoto, and he is in the Tarapoto Central Area. Landon is in Aeropuerto Area. I don't know if you can see this Google Earth picture well enough, but I thought I'd post it. You can click on the picture, and it will appear bigger.

Thanks so much Gabo - you have become a good friend. You need to let us know as soon as you hear about the mission papers you turned in. I hope you come to the Ogden, Utah Mission :)

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