Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"In 1 nefi (1st Nephi) where it talks bout him crying and filling his pillow with tears... I now know what he meant, and how that came to pass. We were walking home from the church one night, and we had a good day, but we still didn't complete and meet our goals. I was a little down in the dumps, thinking about that. The day passed so fast, and now we have to go back (home) and we don't have time. I was down, with my head down, and then I thought, ya know what? This is what Satan wants, he wants me to be down and feel like this. So I got a different attitude and was happy, and then we saw this couple walking towards us. We walked up to them to contact them, and I put my hand out to greet the lady and she walked right by, pushing my hand out of her way and mumbling something under her breath, and she just kept on walking.... and once again my hopes and attitude were dashed for the night. My eyes filled with tears in that moment for two reasons.. One, a day full of rejection, and Two, I can't believe there are people that are that hard hearted. I then turned to her husband and said, Hermano (Brother), you will be blessed this night, because you stopped and listened to the Lord. He will bless you this night for that... Thank you, and we walked off."

"I couldn't help but cry that night falling asleep, thinking about the rejection and the people here in Tarapoto. The mission is crazy..... it makes you see every aspect of everything... it's a wonderful blessing and I am so thankful to my God and Lord for this oportunidad (opportunity). I am truly blessed to have a family who loves me and who are my friends.... I love you all...... please.. never ever reject anyone... invite everyone in... talk to everyone... they are sons and daughters of God.... please....."

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