Monday, June 23, 2008

Landon's thoughts on Teaching

Along with teaching the gospel, the missionaries teach a few English
classes during the week. Here is Elder Evans (Landon's previous comp)
teaching a group. I would love to be a fly on the wall and listen to Landon.

"People teach in so many different ways. We all learn what our style is, and how we should teach, and by the end of two years we should be the best teachers ever. There is a rhythm to it also. Think... how many years you experience parenthood. Your first child you learn a ton and how to do everything right and you experiment, then the second.... and then comes the last, and by then your teaching should be perfect. It's like that in all things. Work, and just everything. I love teaching. I sometimes think about it. I think back in grade school, how boring it would have been to teach during all of the hours of school, man, how boring..... but now I'm teaching every day for 2 years without summer vacation.... and I love it"

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José Gabriel said...

ahí estoy yo!! y mi amigazo Élder Evans el más loco jejejejj, bueno Élder Rich también no se queda a trás con sus locuras jejejej!!