Thursday, June 26, 2008

Early Birthday Package

"I got one package... with the 3 shirts....(matching "Browning" shirts for Landon, his companion, and Gabo) and the one package with my shoes (his old sneakers, beat to heck).. Ipod (filled with church hymns in Spanish) and lifesavers, carmelos, and everything in that one.... Oh my heck ! The Mike and Ikes and the Tootsie Rolls, wow !! I haven't had those in 8 months, and they were good haha... I can't wait for the Mountain Dew haha.. The other package, they (the zone leaders) told me they left in Lima, but it's all good. I'm happy and thank you so much for everything in the package.. Right now I'm wearing my shirt.... and also I got my b-day card so thank you for that.. and the list with all the stuff in the packages, so now I know what I am waiting for.... I also got your postcard, packet with the stories of my missionary friends, and a letter from Manda.... Tell her thanks for me. I love her and Cam and I will write them a letter next week. Tell Grandma Rich thanks for the socks.. They are great, and just thanks for everything in the packages. Tell everyone thanks for me, and I love them.. I loved everything. I'm so thankful for you mom and dad, and all you do for me..... I love you.."

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