Friday, June 27, 2008

Multi-zone meeting

Well everyone.... not much has happened this past week.. we had a multi-zone meeting with the Elders from Moyabama on June 18th. It was good... We had some good training... Pres Perez is the best.. It was great.. Elder Nash didn't come this time.. I don't know why.. it was just Presidente Perez. It was amazing as usual.. he is a great man... he answers all my questions and helps me keep on track... Man, I love him and he reminds me so much of Bishop Fisher, I think there is a reason they are both so alike.. lovable and loving.. I love it.. the work is going good.. a little slow right now, we can't get people to go to church, but we're working with a few families now and it's going to pick up... it's going great.... I love it.. Click here for pics.

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