Monday, August 31, 2009

Letter from President and Sister Perez

August 30, 2009

Dear Families of Missionaries in the Peru Lima North Mission,

It is an honor to be able to write you and express our thanks for the service that your sons and daughters are carrying out here in the mission. My wife and I are happy to have so many valiant young men and women that are giving all they’ve got, and even more.

Every six weeks we have the blessing of being with them, to interview them, train them, and visit their houses. It is in this way that we see the sacrifice they make every day with glad hearts, and we know that they are living many spiritual experiences. We want to tell you that in the month of August, your missionaries are working towards the goal of having six baptisms per companionship. Many have already achieved this goal and others have surpassed this amount before the month has even ended. We are very happy because they are obedient and know they are working for the Lord. The enthusiasm of each young man and woman has carried them to have the desire of achieving this very important goal, and for the month of September, the plan is to have seven baptisms per companionship. It is a very noteworthy number. Your missionaries know that if they work well and plan intelligently, the Lord will be with them. (D & C 84:88)

It is for this motive that we want to get in touch with you, the parents, so that in the letters you write to your missionaries every Monday, they feel like the marvelous sons and daughters that you know you have; and that in these letters, you can lovingly encourage them to achieve their missionary objective, which is “to bring many souls unto Christ.”

We want to again express to you our deepest gratitude; and please know that your missionaries are giving all for you.
(D & C 118:3)

With much love,

President and Sister Pérez
President and Wife
Perú Lima North Mission

**This letter was sent via email to all parents of missionaries in PLN. We understand that some of you did not receive this email because your email provider may have marked it as junk or spam. If you would like this email forwarded to you, please let me know at Thanks - Sister Gwen Rich

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