Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip to Barranca

This past week we had a good time traveling to Barranca. To get there we drove through the Zones of Pro, Puente Piedra, Ventanilla, Huacho, and then finally getting to Barranca, about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive. President Perez was the driver and he is great with his navigator, Sister Perez, and of course the snack provider in the back seat, their daughter Carolina.

The drive up started around 10 o'clock on Wednesday. We ate breakfast and lunch in the car (sandwiches made by Sister Perez and Carolina). There were chocolate chip cookies, Twix candy, pop, and all sorts of stuff, it was great, with even better company. I love my companion and the Perez family.

It was good to get to see Barranca. It has A LOT of farm land, and it was great to see the ocean, the mountains, the green fields of sugar cane, and all the farmers doing their work by hand. They do it just like the olden times in the United States, with horse and by hand. It's hard work, but that doesn’t stop the oldest geezer to the youngest buck from getting out there and working.

We got there around 1 o'clock and had time to catch a little nap in the hotel, and then we went to the interviews with the Zones Barranca and Huacho. It was good to get to see some of the elders that were with me previously in the Pucallpa zone (Elder Clarke and Mamani). Also, I got to see Elder Kay, who is from my group (the group that went out together almost 2 years ago). It was a good meeting, and afterward we ate dinner with the zone leaders of Barranca and got to bed early.

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