Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Oldest city of the Americas"

Thursday (August 27th), we got up and ate breakfast in the car on our way to the famous city of ´´Caral´´.

Just so you know, it's official. I have been to the ´´oldest city of the Americas´´. It was cool. What I liked even more than Caral, was the road getting there.

We were in the ´´sierra´´ or the mountains, something that we don’t have in our mission. It was great to see the blue sky, the open farm ground, the mountains and hills, and just fresh air.

On our way back to Lima, we stopped in Huacho to eat lunch at ´´Rockys´´. It's a chicken place and it was really good. Then we got on the road home and were back in Lima around 4 pm in the afternoon and we got to work out in the field.

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