Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Elder Santiago and I are teaching various people in our area. We have the Family Barboza, the Family Billar. We have Igor and his mom Maria, and various other people that we just need to teach and we will be able to help them be baptized.

We are teaching another man who lives out of a truck. He doesn’t have a home and he has two kids that live with his mom. He lives about a block away from his kids. He is a drug addict and also an alcoholic, and we're helping him to get baptized and change his life. It's hard and it’s a process.

Working in the field is going great, I love teaching and I love working with Elder Santiago. I can't wait for September, because the new Bible in Spanish comes out, and I will for sure be getting it. And also we will have our Stake Conference where our Stake will be divided in two, and that’s a great thing because it means we're working hard.

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