Friday, December 5, 2008

Teaching the Gospel

Eduardo and Regina are good, except we can’t get her birth certificate from Trujillo, Peru, and they can’t get married without it, so we are working on that, but they are great.

Yesterday (Friday, 11/28) was our best day of the week. We had 6 lessons and 6 people presented to us by members, and all six of these people have the potential to get baptized.

All our investigators are good. We have a sister called Estrella, that will be getting baptized next week. She is ready and willing to learn and she is 14 years old.

We are finding new people everyday and we will see what goes down, but as of right now its Estrella, Eduardo and Regina, and their niece Xiomara.

We have a lot of dates tonight and tomorrow with new people that will receive the first lesson, so there is a lot of hope and work to do these next few weeks.

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