Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He sounds GREAT !

Elder Rich made his "pre-call" yesterday. I think most missionaries do this (with their mission president's permission) in order to make sure their calling cards are working correctly, and also to coordinate any time difference issues. He sure sounded good. We only talked for a couple of minutes. I was content to just listen to his beautiful voice. I think I better get some questions put together for the Christmas phone call, or I'll just be sitting there in silence listening to him talk. I don't detect an accent, although he said that Elder Gubler's parents (who were down to pick their missionary up the other day) said that he had one. Maybe I'll change my mind after listening to him talk for longer on Christmas day. One thing though, he had trouble remembering the English words for things. He was trying to get the word "Nativity" out, and couldn't remember it until I supplied it for him :) Too funny! He'll be calling at 6pm on Christmas Day, so any of you who live close to us, and would like to stop by to wish him a Merry Christmas - please do so !! We'd love to have you.

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