Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Month - One Goal

In the Multi-conference meeting last month, Presidente Perez felt impressed to tell us the Lord has a goal for us. 500 baptisms for the month of December. It is a Big Deal. 500 – WOW. It works out to be at least 5 baptisms per companionship. We have only been baptizing about 200 a month, IF that, but already we have over 300 dates scheduled for December, and it’s just the start. We’re working on it.

Presidente says it was revelation straight from the Lord, and that we’re going to have a ´´White Christmas´´ this year with 500 baptisms. It’s the goal for our mission, in every stake in our mission, and with all the members also.

It’s almost Christmas, and I love this season. There is no snow here in Peru, but it’s all good. I really am gaining a testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ!! He is my Lord, my Savior and with Him, anything is possible. He is everything, without Him we are nothing. It ALL depends on Him!!! I love Him and I love you too, thanks for everything!!!

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