Monday, December 29, 2008

Elder Herdt and the unknown missionary.......

Thanks to Elder Herdt for the latest pics.

I'm guessing it's been a little TOO long since we've seen Elder Rich.......... We both skimmed RIGHT OVER this picture, and it didn't even register that this was OUR SON with Elder Herdt !!

Let's see - was it the 1980's suit that is 4 sizes too big? The glasses? The look of extreme seriousness and concentration, and not the usual smile?

It wasn't until I noticed the caption on the jpeg (Executives Rich and Herdt) that I did a double take and just about fell out of my chair. Later this evening, after Roger had read Elder Herdt's latest email and looked at the attached pics, I asked him if he had recognized his son with Elder Herdt. He looked at me kind of funny, like "What are you talking about?" It was then that I realized the he had NO CLUE EITHER !! Too funny.....

We rushed back to the computer, had another look, and had a good laugh too. Are we getting older where we need glasses - or what? I actually think he looks kind of like that Kirby Heywood in "The Singles Ward" - don't you think?

Wondering about the suits? Landon told me they "found them". Where? I have no idea. He said he was going to have his altered to fit, and wear it for his "Homecoming" talk in October :0

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