Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wild Weather

Well, to start off this week, all is well here in Tarapoto. It's rained a bit here this past week. One day it rained pretty hard, and it was nuts. Let me explain. Okay, so the night before, we were planning to visit a menos activo (less active member). We went to his house the next day at 2pm, and we got there right as it started to rain. Then it picked up a little bit, and we were just sitting there watching it out the window and door, because they had a tin roof so we couldn't hear anything or let alone talk. We were just waiting for it to pass, then it started to hail, but (it was) like the size of gum balls and pure ice, haha, not the weak stuff we get in Utah, but ice. That was weird, because it's super hot down here. They said it was the first time they have seen that here in Tarapoto. Then things got bad, haha. Then came the wind, and we were looking out the window and it was like you see on those hurricane videos on the Discovery Channel. The trees were blown sideways, and you couldn't see like 20 feet in front of you, because of the rain and wind and it was all gray. But don't worry, we were inside the house.. under the roof.. well at least we were haha.

The roof then lifted off of the cinder blocks like 3 feet, and slammed back down. Me and Elder Evans looked at each other. We could read each others minds.. "uh, this isn't good". Next came another gust of wind and it ripped the roof right off of the house... and it wasn't a small roof.. It had rafters and tin, and it was a good size. It ripped the rafters and all the wood and tin and threw it like 3 houses away. Man, it was cool. I wasn't really scared, but only worried about where the roof landed, and if any people were hurt. We hurried and got all of their stuff out of the rain, and we were all soaked and man, it was nuts, and the family was crying. Then it all stopped... and the sun came out, and it was scorching hot again. Ya know what the weirdest thing is? This all happened within 5 minutes or less. The storms come and go that fast. Well, all is well here, no worries. The Lord protects us, and (it was) just another grand experience to add to the list. Love you all... Take care...

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