Saturday, May 10, 2008

Note to the Fishers

Hey President and Sister Fisher. Man, I love you two. I am now "knee deep" in the work, and loving it. I am so very grateful for your examples, and now I really understand the plan and I can't even explain how much I owe to you guys. You two really are the reason I am where I'm at. I still remember the days of home teaching with Bishop Fisher, and how much I learned, but yet how much I was missing, not taking full advantage of who I was with. Thank you so much, and now I realize alot more. We are in different parts of the world, and talking in different languages, but the work and the spirit are the same. I love you both and thank you for your examples and love. What a day it will be, to be together again. I hope I will have the opportunity to serve under you again Bishop Fisher. I love you both, thanks again. Love your Elder from the 6th ward. Elder Landon Rich

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