Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ups and Downs on Sunday

"We had a baptism last Sunday (May 11th). A guy whose family are members and he has been listening to the missionaries for a good time now, like 16 companionships (haha) and Elder Evans got it done. His name is Americo Putpaña Chujandama. He is 55 years old. It was really good."

Landon also mentioned during his phone call, that he and Elder Evans were confronted by a man on the streets on Sunday (Mother's Day), they were criticized for not being home with their MOMS, and not being good sons. I guess Landon took offense at that, and told the man in no uncertain terms, that his mom wouldn't want him ANYWHERE ELSE at this time in his life, except on a mission. That's my boy !! Gotta love him.

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