Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mamita Teresa

"I love my pension. She is called Mamita Teresa. To best describe her, she is like *Marsha Walker, haha, I love her. She is outta control, and she is awesome. Never sad, so she is my kinda person… I love her…"

"She and her family live about 2 blocks away from our place. The family is awesome. The husband is the President of the branch, and they only have one son who is preparing for a mission. It's a great family .. very humble.. their house is humble, if you know what I mean... it's awesome."

"The food is about the same. Same kinds of food and stuff.. it's good.. Nothing wild yet...haha"

*Note - for those of you who don't know Marsha Walker, you are missing out. She is one of MOST FUN ladies in Morgan, maybe in Utah for that matter. She has a daughter, Natalie, who is Landon's age, and Marsha always supported the kids in all of their sports and activities through the years. The picture of her above was taken at Halloween. Landon is right, she is outta control :)

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Peregrina said...

Hello! i dreamed with Mamita Teresa (1 or 2 weeks ago) and now i find your comment. In my dream i went to her house in the middle of the desert. i saw a white tigger in the entrance. then, a boy tell me: Do you looking for Mamita Teresa, ah? end.

So, any way... blessing and hugh for you and your loyal mission.

pd: Sorry for my english, i speak spanish, jejej.